Hello. I do not know if you’ve found your way here via a search engine, word-of-mouth or by personal research into new production and development companies.

My name is Allan Yoskowitz, and I am the founder of DOOMED SCHOLAR STUDIOS, LLC, a production company currently based out of New York.

The site is extensive, and will provide you answers to the questions you have for us about what it is we do, why we do it and how. You will have the opportunity to see artwork and short stories from associates, and also to submit your own work for examination and to possibly be shown on the site (with full acknowledgement of your work).

DSS is a company founded with the intention of making great entertainment, and we are always looking for opportunities to do so. As well, we want to give our customers and site patrons an opportunity to involve themselves in our work and help make that product even more enjoyable. We are professionals, but we understand that your opinions are important to our productions; you are our viewers, and your continued patronage pays our paychecks. Feel free to get a look the site and learn more about us and it is we are.


Entertainment has been with humankind for a very long time. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry. It is what we do to distract ourselves from our problems, and sometimes just to enjoy time with the people we love. However you choose to look at it, entertainment is something very special, and something very important.

Too much of the entertainment we are being presented with now is not material people enjoy watching, and unfortunately, the companies (and people) making it do not seem ready to change what they are making, or how they are making it. It seems Hollywood is more interested in lecturing its viewers than in providing them with fun things to watch, and that bothers us.

It is the intention of the staff at DOOMED SCHOLAR STUDIOS to provide developers and fans with an ‘alternative to Hollywood and the industry’.


To give them a place that will respect their desire for good entertainment and an opportunity to have it. Too much of what the entertainment industry (as a whole) is producing has become about the sociopolitical message of the people making it, and also too often a rehashing of previously produced materials.


Maybe it isn’t a remake, but we see the same characters and the same storylines reproduced, perhaps changed to fit the aforementioned ‘message’. When a person is watching a movie or a television show, they are doing it to enjoy
themselves. To cheer on the heroes, to hate the villains and cheer when the ‘good guys’ achieve victory.


There is a lot more, of course, but those are the basics. We are going to produce entertainment that people will enjoy; new concepts and new storylines that are different from anything they’ve seen before, and to see the work of new
artists and writers.


Simply, we want to Make (our) Entertainment Great Again. MEGA’s got a nice sound to it.

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