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bare soul

A unique Earth. A place where remarkable


A world where ROMAN history was very different from ours; were the EMPIRE followed different routes of exploration and conquest.  This Roman technology has become a mixture of their culture and an unimaginable, indescribable fusion of things past, present and future.


This is a world we will find remarkable, and perhaps some of us will find ourselves wanting to be a part of it.  What we see within will leave us with wide eyes and wondering what it would be like to... to have the technology they do... to be able to do the things they do.  Describing entry into this Earth is not easy.  It is something we will find amazing, something we might find ourselves wanting to be a part of… but we have known have no idea what it would mean.

the last survivors




Imagine a world where World War III took place and no one knew for certain why.


A world where sizable portions of the United States were gone; a nuclear wasteland practically empty of sane reality. Humanity continues to exist, though in nowhere near the beautiful society we would want ourselves to imagine ourselves.


Welcome to 2090 and the city of San Francisco.  Most of California is gone; almost no one knows what is left, if anything.  No one really cares.  What (and who) is still there is indeed unusual... but we find ourselves in the company of a young man.


The last living member of an organization of professional killers who watched his world (and the only family he knew) die around him. An apparently, heartless individual, concerned only with maintaining the code of a dead organization.


This is a man who has seen tremendous hell.  There is no way to know for certain what really made him what he is.  Greetings to Kyle Elsen, the last living member of the San Francisco Assassins' Guild.

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