Hey out there. If you are unfamiliar with DSS (and our Facebook group), my name is Allan Yoskowitz (Founder, DOOMED SCHOLAR STUDIOS, LLC). It took a little time in development, but we have a website up, and I am hoping to get a more expansive discussion going here than the already extensive one on the group.. The purpose of this blog is to encourage conversation about 'future projects' for DSS, and what directions the company is going to follow. I will ask that if you join the blog you please put up an introduction. Include what details about yourself you feel comfortable with, and make your opinions of 'what is happening' in the entertainment industry (as it stands) known. We'll be getting in to conversations (I am sure) pretty quickly about possible (future) projects, and the items currently mentioned on the page; BARE SOUL and THE LAST SURVIVORS. There will be a third item joining them soon enough, but preparations are not yet complete for it. More importantly, though. If you've joined this page (and come on the blog), I hope you're here to talk about the need for new, higher-quality entertainment than what the current industry is 'providing' for viewers at this time. We're open to discussion, of course, but I will ask you right now to please keep the comments polite; no profane language, and no 'attacks' or 'trolling'. Also, one of the reasons I founded this company was to keep sociopolitical messaging from being a 'big deal' in new entertainment, and I appreciate it if politics were 'left at the door' (for the most part). Nothing wrong with some discussion. Just don't let it become 'central to everything'. As I've said before, let's Make Entertainment Great Again.... MEGA's got a great sound to it. -A.

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