Graphic Series

The Last Survivors (Codename: FORGOTTEN SON)

It's taken some time, but our first online graphic series is taking off.  I hope you folks enjoy what you see!  As has been said, Grace Danielle Stover is the artist responsible for the images of Codename: FORGOTTEN SON; Danielle is skilled artist, but (for right now, at least) she is working alone, and while I can promise there will be additional material, this is a 'new concept', and it is going to be a short time before you see more of this 'issue'.


Danielle is working hard to help us Make Entertainment Great Again, and FORGOTTEN SON is our start.  I hope what you are seeing so far catches your interest. 

If you want to read the series FORGOTTEN SON is based on, you can find Codename: WINTERBORN and Codename: UNSUB (written by myself and Declan Finn) on Amazon.

First comic page Winterborn.jpg